Partnership Impact

The annual support that is received from our IA members enhances the college in many ways, especially in meeting the needs of our students. Contributions from Industrial Affiliates coporate partners make a significant difference in the quality of the education and financial assistance offered to students. 

Student Recruitment and Retention

The Industrial Affiliates fund is an important resource for student recruitment at Wyant College, funding supplemental scholarships and hosting various outreach programs. For example, each spring, Wyant College invites a promising pool of academically talented graduate student applicants to visit the University and college for an informative recruitment weekend. Undergraduate students are also invited to participate in student-IA events such as virtual and in-person IA Info Sessions. The IA program also helps fund graduate student teaching assistant roles at the Wyant College of Optical Sciences. These ventures are examples of what is made possible from the financial assistance offered by the Industrial Affiliates fund. 

Academic Programs and Teaching Laboratories

To enrich the educational experiences of our students, the IA membership fund supports student recruitment and retention programs, teaching assistantships, travel funds for students to attend scientific meetings, upgrades with our graduate and undergraduate student teaching labs and more.