Staff Recognition

This program institutes staff recognition for outstanding performance beyond standard job expectation in effort and achievement, service, innovative ideas and contribution towards the success of a project, unit, college or University. 

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Award Eligibility is limited to Wyant College staff (does not include student or faculty UArizona employees).

Faculty and staff only are invited to submit nominations for eligible staff.

  • Employment classifications:

    • Classified Staff
    • University Staff (administrative, research, technical)
    • Ineligible: Faculty, graduate students, student employees
  • Nominee has completed one-year satisfactory job performance. 
  • Two Nomination Maximum: Staff may submit a maximum of two nominations per year/per recognition category (as applicable).
  • Nominee demonstrates at least three qualities under “Examples of Exemplary Performance” listed below. 

Nomination Process

  • Nominations are accepted year-round. 
  • Complete a nomination form: (See Below) 
  • Electronic confirmation of receipt is sent to the nominator.
  • Electronic notification is sent to the nominee upon verification of eligibility requirements.
  • Nominations are reviewed by the Staff Recognition Committee. 
  • Selection factors include number and quality of nominations, impact of basis of nomination and outcome of employee’s action.
  • Recipients are spotlighted in the OSC Watts Up! newsletter.

Nominate a Staff Member

Recognition Categories

1) Spot Recognition 

Instantaneous recognition of employees performing over and above standard job expectation in management of a specific task(s); as observed by managers and supervisors

  • Spot Recognition nominations are submitted by managers/supervisors only. Input from faculty and staff is encouraged by way of communication with employee’s manager/supervisor. 
  • Spot award nominees are reviewed monthly by the Staff Recognition Committee.
  • Factors affecting recipient selection include impact of Spot Recognition and impact of action.
  • 24 Spot Recognitions are issued annually/two per month.
  • Deadline: Monthly, at end of month
  • Award: $50 

2) Peer-to-Peer Recognition 

Consistent exemplary performance in peers’ day-to-day activity, initiative, service, innovative ideas, achievement and collaborative efforts; as observed by peers

  • Nomination is submitted by peers.  
  • Administrative, research and technical staff may nominate peers outside their employee classification, work unit and report structure. 
  • Nominator provides written description of nominee’s outstanding performance and brief examples of qualities identified from “Examples of Exemplary Performance” listed below. 
  • Nominations are reviewed quarterly by the Staff Recognition Committee. 
  • Staff is eligible for selection twice a year.
  • Nominees not selected in the quarter nominated are eligible the next quarter. 
  • Deadline: March 1, June 1, Sept. 1, Dec. 1 
  • Award: $250 (issued through payroll)

3) Staff Employee of the Year 

  • All Peer-to-Peer and Spot Recognition recipients are automatically eligible for Staff Employee of the Year.
  • Staff Employee of the Year is determined by the Staff Recognition Committee, factoring in number of Peer-to-Peer recognition nominations received throughout the year and the impact of Spot Recognition actions.
  • An alternate winner may be selected in case of unforseen circumstances.
  • Award: $1,000 (issued through payroll)
  • Honorable Mention: $500 (issued through payroll)

4) Year-end Staff Recognition Event

  • Employee of the Year will be announced at the year-end staff recognition event, along with all recognized employees nominated that year.

Staff Award Recipients

    2022 Recipients

    SPOT Awards

    April                                Hillary Mathis

    May                                 James Allen

    November                      Cindy Robertson

    November                       Amber R. Soergel

    PEER-to-PEER Awards

    1st Quarter                       Linda Schadler

    2nd Quarter                    Alejandro Ramos Romero

    3rd Quarter                       Cyndy Barcelo

    4th Quarter                       Cindy Robertson


    Cyndy Barcelo


    Cindy Robertson

    2021 Recipients

    SPOT Awards

    April                                Cathleen Malia

    August                             Stephen Fleming

    PEER-to-PEER Awards

    1st Quarter                       Dan Caywood

    2nd Quarter                      Ameé Hennig

    3rd Quarter                       Jason Orlowski

    4th Quarter                       Hillary Mathis


    Ameé Hennig                    


    Dan Caywood

    2020 Recipients

    SPOT Awards

    February                            Mark Rodriguez

    April                                  Tammie Brown,
                                              Melissa Griffiths

    June                                  Linda Schadler,
                                              Matthew Grogan

    PEER-to-PEER Awards

    1st Quarter                        Cindy Robertson

    2nd Quarter                       Jennifer Garcia

    3rd Quarter                        Matthew Grogan

    4th Quarter                        Ashley Bidegain


    Ashley Bidegain                    


    Matt Grogan

    2019 Recipients

    SPOT Awards

    February                            Hillary Mathis

    September                         Brianna Moreno

    PEER-to-PEER Awards

    1st Quarter                        Mark Rodriguez

    2nd Quarter                       

    3rd Quarter                        Linda Schadler

    4th Quarter                        Kristin Stone


    Linda Schadler                    


    Mark Rodriguez

    2018 Recipients

    SPOT Awards

    June                                  Hector Garcia,
                                              Michelle Bryan

    July                                   Laura Ross

    August                              Lindsay Loebig

    PEER-to-PEER Awards

    1st Quarter                        Ashley Bidegain

    2nd Quarter                       Bryan Smith

    3rd Quarter                       Trin Riojas  

    4th Quarter                       Cindy Gardner


     Lindsay Leobig                   


    Ashley Bidegain

    2017 Recipients

    SPOT Awards

    February                           Melissa Ayala

    May                                  Mark Rodriguez,
                                              Laura Ross

    August                              Brianna Moreno

    September                       Lisa Armijo,
                                               Lucy Sandoval,
                                               Cindy Gardner

    PEER-to-PEER Awards

    1st Quarter                        Jennifer Garcia

    2nd Quarter                       no nominations

    3rd Quarter                       Linda Schadler

    4th Quarter                       Lucy Sandoval


     Jennifer Garcia                   


    Lucy Sandoval  

    2016 Recipients

    SPOT Awards

    January                             Ashley Bidegain

    March                               Cindy Robertson,  
                                               Michelle Bryan

    September                       Ashley Bidegain,
                                               Graeme Hunt

    October                            Hector Garcia,
                                               Amanda Ferraris

    November                        Amy Maniscalco

    PEER-to-PEER Awards

    1st Quarter                        Melissa Fasulo

    2nd Quarter                       Lucy Sandoval

    3rd Quarter                       Amanda Ferraris

    4th Quarter                       Graeme Hunt


    Graeme Hunt


    Amanda Ferraris

    2015 Recipients

    SPOT Awards

    January                             Hector Garcia

    March                               Ruth Corcoran,
                                               Jennifer Garcia

    May                                  Linda Schadler

    December                         Lucy Valenzuela

    PEER-to-PEER Awards

    1st Quarter                        Susan Nares

    2nd Quarter                       Cindy Robertson

    3rd Quarter                       Cindy Gardner

    4th Quarter                       Laura Ross


    Laura Ross


    Hector Garcia

    Examples of Exemplary Staff Performance 

    Innovative Ideas or Contributes to Success of a Project:

    • Consistently reaches out to collaborate with peers on projects to enable advances in research, administration and academic programs.
    • Develops or initiates original and/or high-impact ideas and processes that facilitate or promote advances in administration and research.
    • Shows exceptional engagement in activities that support instruction, academia, research or service.

    Outstanding Effort and Achievement in the Workplace: 

    • Regularly performs beyond standard expectation.
    • Consistently produces high-quality work.
    • Goes the extra mile to complete a task and/or takes on heavier workload than peers. 
    • Assists when unit is short-staffed or a project requires additional support.
    • Volunteers for special projects or events.
    • Contributes towards efficiency and effectiveness of workplace operations.
    • Improves utilization of resources and reduction of waste.
    • Integrates information, procedures or equipment to improve office or unit efficiency.

    Outstanding Service to UA, Other Employees or Visitors: 

    • Offers outstanding first impression resulting in positive attention to the college and University community.
    • Performs in an exceptionally courteous and cooperative manner at all times.
    • Demonstrates and encourages a supportive team-oriented environment.
    • Participates on committees and proactively contributes to achieve goals.
    • Contributes towards development, opportunities, improved skills and abilities in others.
    • Makes special effort to recognize excellence of others.
    • Assists others to achieve their assigned responsibilities and goals.