Virtual Tours & Talks

Talks and virtual tours recorded at the 2021 Optics and Photonics Winter School and Workshop

Virtual tour of the Mirror Lab narrated by Prof. Dae Wook Kim 

Virtual tour of Prof. Jennifer Barton's Tissue Lab

Short Talks

“Radiation Pressure in Modern Physics” – Prof. Dalziel Wilson [00:00 – 42:00]
+ “Optical Trapping Demo” – Jeffrey Melzer (postdoc), Prof. Euan McLeod’s lab [42:00-49:15]
+ “Quantum Opto-Mechanics Lab Demo” –  Mitul Dey Chowdhury (PhD student) and Aman Agrawal (Phd Student)  [49:15-1:00:47]

"Measurement of Coherent Fields" by  Prof. David Brady

“Subaru Telescope Virtual Tour” by Prof. Olivier Guyon [1:03:12]

“Wait!  Who Says We Don't Make Eyeglasses?” by Prof. Michael Hart [30:58]