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The distance learning program brings OSC’s greatest strengths — its outstanding teaching faculty and its leading-edge video technology — to post-baccalaureate students worldwide.  

Distance Learning Degree Programs

Degree programs that are available entirely online include:  

Master of Science in Optical Sciences

Professional Graduate Certificate in Optical Sciences

Distance students can also apply for nondegree status. Up to six units completed in nondegree status may apply toward the Graduate Certificate; up to 12 units may apply to an M.S. or Ph.D. degree. 


Prospective distance students need a bachelor's degree in optics, engineering, physics, mathematics or a related field. They must have successfully completed four semesters of calculus, including vector calculus and differential equations; two or more semesters of college physics including an electromagnetism course is strongly recommended.


The distance learning program is administered via Arizona Online. Students are required to register for online courses through the UAccess Student Center

Note for new distance students: email messages will be sent to your official UA email address once you have a UA email address.  You must check your UA email for instructions on accessing course content.    

How to Register 

To enroll in an optics distance class, register through the UAccess Student Center using the following steps: 

  1. Select the “Student Center” and log in using your NetId. 
  2. In the Academics section, click on “Enroll,” where you’ll be able to add classes using the search function at the top of the page.    
  3. Use the search function to enter criteria for your course search. 
  4. For TERM, select the semester you will be taking the class. 
  5. In SUBJECT, type in or select OPTI. 
  6. For CAMPUS, confirm the campus is Arizona Online. 
  7. Click the green SEARCH button. You should see all the OPTI courses on the screen. 
  8. Select your class and click “Enroll” at the bottom of the screen to register for the course. 

Distance Course List  

Peruse the Wyant College of Optical Science's distance learning course list including class information, semester offered, course type and instructor.  


For information about distance tuition and funding, visit the Tuition & Fees page.

Distance Learning FAQs

Review our Distance Learning frequently asked questions to learn more about distance learning. Find all FAQs here.

Still Have Questions?

We’re here to help. For questions about degree programs or non-degree classes, contact us at For questions about course delivery options, homework policies and more, contact