Faculty Resources

Teaching Support

Faculty services provided by the Academic Programs staff include class scheduling and curriculum processing, teaching assistant appointments, teaching equipment scheduling and maintenance, teaching evaluations, coordination of textbook ordering and grade reporting, and updating online class syllabi. 

  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is the federal law that governs the rights of students and defines institutional responsibilities with respect to student records. OSC faculty and TAs must complete the online FERPA training prior to gaining access to any system or file containing student data. The training takes about 20 minutes.

Teaching Support Procedures

To view the most up-to-date classroom assignments, please see the Course Schedules page.

If you cannot attend a class or need to temporarily change the schedule of your class, please contact Mark Rodriguez. He will need to know the course number, meeting time and location. He will email your students and post a sign on the door as soon as he hears from you.

There are permanently mounted LCD projectors in Meinel 408, 410, 422 and 432. If you have problems with this equipment, please notify Mark Rodriguez. The office also has an LCD projector available for conference room use; just sign up on the schedule posted on the clipboard on the front counter. Cindy Robertson will take care of the equipment in Meinel 305 and 307. For other equipment needs, please contact Classroom Technology Services.

The Academic Programs staff supplies chalk, erasers and projector bulbs to all the classrooms. Please contact Ruth Corcoran, or any of the office staff, if these items are missing. Other classroom supplies, such as white board markers and transparencies, can be obtained through the Academic Programs office. If you require additional supplies not currently offered, please note that it takes a few days for an order to be filled.

The Office of Student Computing Resources supports four computer labs on campus. Complete the online form to reserve a lab for a particular day or for the entire semester. To view locations, visit the OSCR Web page.

For copying course-related teaching materials, contact Academic Programs to obtain the copy code.

We will be happy to accept or distribute homework or exams. We will set up a basket for your class and place the homework in your mailbox at the end of the day or hold it until you pick it up in our office. There are also locked collection wall bins in the OSC mailroom. We can set up a sheet for students to sign for the exam and then sign it back in, or date stamp the articles if necessary. You can also leave items for your students to pick up during our normal business hours. Contact Ruth Corcoran to make arrangements.

The University asks that you rent vans for your students for field trips through the UA Motor Pool. You will need to reserve the van and complete and submit the authorization form online. Please note that 15-passenger van drivers must be HOV-certified.

In addition to renting a van, you must also submit a pre-travel order form with OSC’s Accounting Office in Meinel 641.

Course Management

Select a drop-down from the list below to learn more about it.

The Instructor Center is the University’s electronic method for viewing class rosters, dropping students and assigning grades. Complete instructions can be found here.

  1. On the UAccess Web page, select “Instructor Center” (located under the UAccess Student header) and enter your UA NetID and password.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, you will typically be looking at your own current class schedule on the Instructor Center page. Classes for current term should automatically populate the page. If not, click the green button to change terms.
  3. To view your class roster, click on the people icon () on the far left. You can click on the download icon () to view your roster and student emails in a spreadsheet.
  4. At the end of the semester you will see the grade icon () next to the people icon. The grade icon will be used to post grades.

The Instructor Center also allows you to send notifications to students and send notifications to the Registrar.

If you would like your teaching assistant to access class rosters and assign grades, please contact the curriculum coordinator.

You may perform an online administrative drop via UAccess or by using the paper administrative drop form (available through a link at the bottom of your class roster). A grade of W or E is to be assigned on this form. Forms must be received in Administration 210 by 5 p.m. on the due date.

  1. Log in and click the green button to change terms.
  2. Select the current semester.
  3. Click on the class roster icon () on the left side next to the class.
  4. Check the administrative drop check-box next to the students that will be administratively dropped.
  5. Press the "administrative drop" button located at the bottom of the class roster.

Final grades are due in UAccess no more than 48 hours after the final examination is held.

  • “K” Grades
    Award "K" grades (continuing, in progress) for 900-level courses (report, thesis and dissertation) under your faculty section number.
    A grade of "P" or "S" is awarded when a student has completed all degree requirements including the M.S. and Ph.D. oral examination. Use the Change of Grade Form from the final exam packet to issue either "P" or "S."
  • Issuing "I" Grades
    An incomplete grade should only be issued when a minor portion of the coursework remains. Incomplete grade policies can be reviewed in the UA Catalog. Instructors are encouraged to use the Incomplete Grade Report (PDF) form as a contract with the student as to what course work must be completed by the student for the I grade to be removed and replaced with a grade.
  • Changing "I" Grades
    You can change last year’s "I" grades in the UAccess Instructor Center. Note that only primary instructors can change "I" grades.
    1. Log in and click the green button to change terms.
    2. Select last year’s term.
    3. Click on the grade roster posted icon () on the left side next to the class.
    4. In the grade roster action box, click Request Grade Change.
    5. Change the "I" grade to a final grade and click "Submit."
  • Requesting a Grade Change
    You can change previously posted grades in the UAccess Instructor Center. Note that grade change requests must result from some form of miscalculation, and an explanation of the miscalculation must be provided to the Registrars' Office.
    1. Log in and click the green button to change terms.
    2. Select the appropriate term.
    3. Click on the grade roster posted icon () on the left side next to the class.
    4. In the grade roster action box, click Request Grade Change.
    5. Select the student for whom you are requesting a grade change and click "Miscalculation."
    6. Complete the "New Grade" and "Describe the Miscalculation" fields providing details about the miscalculation.
    7. Click "Submit" and confirm your submission in the pop-up box.
    8. A workflow will be created.  You will be notified via email when the request is approved, denied or if additional information is needed.
  • Issuing a Failing Grade
    Beginning Spring 2014, when assigning a grade of E or F to a student, instructors will be required to provide additional information on why the grade was assignedInstructors must select one of the following reasons for the student being awarded a failing grade:

You may call or visit the university's 24/7 IT Support Center or submit a question to reghelp@email.arizona.edu.

Effective Fall 2012, course proposal and modification requests must be submitted by the following deadlines: Feb. 1 for fall courses, Sept. 1 for spring courses. Please contact Mark Rodriguez for assistance in submitting new or changed courses

Desire2Learn, or D2L, is a learning management system, a relatively easy way to create a course website that allows "anytime, anywhere" access to syllabi, readings, multimedia files, electronic dropboxes, online quizzes, email, grading, student progress reports, project files and more.

  1. To add your class to D2L, go to the D2L Tools Manual page.
  2. Click the Request a Course Site link located above the Assessment Tools box under the main D2L banner image. Log in with your UA NetID, select all sections you wish to be included in a single site and submit. Course sites will be activated within 24 hours. Only primary instructors listed in the schedule of classes may request a D2L site.
  3. Please email the UA D2L Support Team if you have questions or concerns.

Once a D2L course site exists, users with instructor access can provide other users, such as teaching assistants, with administrator access. To add an administrator, click the Classlist tab and then click on Add Participant. Add each user by NetID. Please contact UITS if you need assistance navigating through this process.

Email Mark Rodriguez to update syllabi online and to maintain hard copies in binders.

Order your textbooks from the UA Bookstores or send your textbook info to Mark Rodriguez. We must comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 and meet the expectations of the Arizona Board of Regents by ordering books on time.

Textbook Ordering Instructions
  1. Go to www.uofabookstores.com. Click on Faculty Center (under UA Banner).
  2. Scroll down to Faculty Resources. Click on the UA Main Campus Link.
  3. Log in with your UA NetID and Password.
  4. First-time users will be prompted to update their customer type. Select UA Faculty.
  5. Your page should jump to the MBS Bookstore ordering page.
  6. Click on Guided Adoption and follow the four-step ordering instructions on the page. The circles at the top will guide you.
  7. You should receive an email confirmation. Forward your email confirmation to the curriculum coordinator.

Our representative at the bookstore is Chris.

If you would like to print class notes, consider Fast Copy or EES Copy Center. Both provide copyright permission assistance.

Other Tasks

  1. To place books on reserve in the Fred A. Hopf Reading Room at the College of Optical Sciences, please email the curriculum coordinator.
  2. To submit your class to iTunes U, you don’t need to teach in Meinel 305 or 307. You can podcast your lectures from any location. The UA Office of Instruction and Assessment will loan out digital recorders for free.
  3. You can also promote your class or research through UA’s YouTube channelOIA can assist and support your video needs.