ArizonaOnline Tuition

Tuition Rate

Tuition for the College of Optical Sciences distance learning courses is now a charge of $1,330 per unit for all students in an optical sciences graduate program, regardless of residency. An additional Arizona Financial Aid Trust Fee (AFAT), is required by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). The AFAT fee is $25.25 for 1-6 units or $50.50 for 7 or more units.


Tuition bills are processed through the UA Bursar’s Office. Students will be able to see their charges and make payments through UAccess Student Center.  Payment is required by the first day of the semester. Check with the Bursar’s Office for payment options. Contact the Bursar's Office with questions regarding student accounts at 621-3232. All official UA business, including billing reminders, are conducted through UA email addresses. A personal email address cannot be used, so check your UA email address regularly.


College of Optical Sciences distance learning students enrolled via Arizona Online follow the standard university refund deadlines. Refund deadlines can be found on the UA Dates and Deadlines Guide.

Qualified Tuition Reduction / Educational Assistance Program (QTR)

The College of Optical Sciences distance learning program, offered through UA Online, accepts QTR. For more information on applying for QTRs, check with UA Division of Human Resources.