Graduate Student Handbook


The Wyant College of Optical Sciences Graduate Student Handbook is a detailed resource for Optical Sciences graduate students, and for faculty and advisors who work with Optical Sciences graduate students. This Graduate Student Handbook conveys common practices, procedures, policies and traditions of the University of Arizona (UA) Wyant College of Optical Sciences (OSC) and supplements the enrollment, academic, and degree completion requirements of the UA Graduate College. In matters of practices, procedures, and policies, students should first consult this OSC Graduate Student Handbook, and then consult UA Graduate College policy when questions arise or in regards to policies and procedures that are in place for all UA graduate students.  This Graduate Student Handbook may update, expand upon, or add to the general UA Graduate College policy, or address approved exceptions to UA Graduate College policies.

The Wyant College of Optical Sciences reserves the right to modify or replace any OSC policy or requirement listed in this Handbook at any time. The information listed in this version of the Handbook supersedes all prior versions and applies to all OSC graduate students, regardless of admission year, unless otherwise noted. Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies and procedures outlined in this Handbook.  

This Handbook is organized as follows.  The first section after the Table of Contents contains contact information and links to websites that are of primary relevance to the content of this Handbook.  The second section contains general information relevant to all OSC graduate students regardless of OSC graduate programs.  The remaining sections each contain information specific to individual OSC graduate programs.

Questions about the information contained in this Handbook should be directed to the OSC Graduate Advisor at, or 520-621-8418, or the OSC Academic Programs Office, Meinel 403D.