Soft Nano-Photonic Systems

Date Published: June 27, 2016

Nano-photonics is the study of how light interacts with objects smaller than its wavelength. It forms the basis of some of the last decade’s revolutionary progress in photonics such as super-resolution imaging, optical cloaking, and optical biosensing. While nano-photonic devices are most often implemented in hard materials using semiconductor-processing methods, these approaches can be limited in compatibility with biological materials or complex three-dimensional designs.

Assistant Professor Euan McLeod is working on developing novel nano-photonic systems from building blocks dispersed in soft colloidal materials. This approach is compatible with biological systems, and can be harnessed to fabricate three-dimensional structures. Current application areas of interest include microscopic bio-imaging, biomedical sensors, and photonic metamaterials.

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Optical tweezer apparatus for colloidal nanoparticle manipulation.