Single-Chip Holographic Beam Steering for LIDAR by a Digital Micromirror Device with Angular and Spatial Hybrid Multiplexing

Date Published: July 27, 2020

A recent publication from Takashima Lab., “Single-chip holographic beam steering for lidar by a digital micromirror device with angular and spatial hybrid multiplexing” was selected as an Editors’ Pick of Optics Express, July 2020 issue 15. The team demonstrated a novel single-chip lidar system by using a mass produced display device, Digital Micromirror Device. The system captures object location and distance with a high frame rate of 7.8 fps, and is expected to realize a solid-state lidar by using well-developed and mass-manufactured display devices. Read the full article.

Watch the movies here: Movie 1 | Movie 2

Optics Site Image

A beam (colored green, not depicting wavelength) in incident onto a DMD, coarse-steered across 5 diffraction orders (colored red), and fine-steered by binary grating on DMD (not shown). The single positive cylindrical lens, filter array, and 3-element positive cylindrical lens array comprise the single-sideband filter. The final 5-element negative cylindrical array compensates for the FOV fill-factor