Sumit Mazumdar

Head of the Department of Physics
Professor of Physics
Professor of Optical Sciences

PAS 375
Department of Physics
The University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210101
Tucson, AZ 85721-0101

Specific Research Interests: 

  • Linear and nonlinear optical properties of organic conjugated molecules and polymers.
  • Effects of strong Coulomb correlations, excitons and multiexcitons in organic systems.
  • Organic optoelectronic devices.
  • Strong Coulomb interactions and broken symmetries.
  • Charge and spin density waves and superconductivity in organic and inorganic materials with emphasis on organic charge-transfer solids and transition metal oxides.


  • Ph.D., Princeton University, 1980
  • M.S., Princeton University, 1978
  • M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India), 1975