Women in Research: Linda Lingg

March 23, 2023
Linda Lingg women in research

Describe your Research Contributions or Interests. 

My research and subsequent applied work are mainly in the field of optical thin film materials and interference coatings. I began looking at the microstructure, stoichiometry, and optical properties of Lanthanide Fluoride thin films while at the Optical Sciences Center.  There the application was for Vacuum Ultraviolet optical systems, but these materials are used today throughout the spectrum due to their wide transparency range. 

Linda Lingg and coating equipment

Linda Lingg with optical coating equipment

That project led to further fluoride work characterizing CVD deposition precursors for sodium fluoride, a component of low optical loss ZBLAN fluoride glass intended for fiber communication.   As internet demand grew, I worked on the Optical Monitoring, design and deposition of telecom Narrow Band Filters.   For the last 20 years I have been designing and developing specialized, high-tech interference coatings and components for space exploration, ground-based telescopes, laser surgery, world-wide laser programs and sensing.

Who was your Most Significant Role Model in Science or in your Career?

Angus Macleod and Gary DeBell have been role models for me.

What Piece of Advice Would you Like to Pass On?

One of the most useful pieces of advice I’ve received is to learn to filter out the noise.