Superlative Staff: 2023 Year-End Celebration

Dec. 7, 2023
Outstanding staff

On December 7th outside of the Meinel building, the final staff recognition awards were presented after a fantastic meal during the Wyant College Staff Recognition and Holiday Luncheon. Awards presented included the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer, Honorable Mention and Employee of the Year.

4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer

Nominated by Kaye Rowan; the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer award was presented to Amee Hennig, Media Content Manager for the College. Amee received a plaque and $250, issued through payroll. 

staff appreciation holiday lunch peer to peer award 4th qtr

4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer Nominations

Excerpt from Kaye's Nomination:

This fall, Amee eagerly joined forces with Hillary Mathis to plan and administer a very creative and effective public educational outreach program as part of the University's "Fuel Wonder" campaign launch, as well as, UA Homecoming festivities. This is the first time the Wyant College of Optical Sciences has been involved in both these types of programs and among only three other colleges invited to participate in demonstrations this year. Unquestionably, our participation was made possible by Amee and Hillary’s enthusiasm to make plans and recruit students to help with optics-focused education demonstrations and displays. 

Employee of the Year

All staff that have been previously recognized through a SPOT or Peer-to-Peer award are eligible for Staff Employee of the Year and Honorable Mention. To determine the awards, the committee has the difficult job of evaluating the content of all nominations, factoring in the number of Peer-to-Peer and SPOT awards received throughout the year, as well as the impact of the employees' daily performance.  

Employee of the Year 2023

2023 Staff Appreciation Lunch

The Employee of the Year for 2023 award went to Chris McCormack-Obregon for the college. Chris was also the recipient of the 2nd Quarter Peer-to-Peer award. Tom Koch, the dean for the Wyant College of Optical Sciences, presented Chris with a beautiful glass award during the Staff Appreciation and Holiday Luncheon. He also received $1,000 for his commitment and dedication to the Wyant College of Optical Sciences.

Congratulations from all of us, Chris! 

Honorable Mention

2023 Staff Appreciation Lunch

Additionally, at the Staff Appreciation and Holiday Luncheon, the Employee of the Year 2023 Honorable Mention was presented to Rachel Lyman, Administrative Associate, by Tom Koch. Rachel had previously been the recipient of the 1st Quarter Peer-to-Peer award, and received a glass award as well as $500.

A very big thanks and congratulations to all of the 2023 Staff Recognition winners for their commitment to ensuring that the Wyant College of Optical Sciences remains at the forefront of optics education. We look forward to highlighting and recognizing 2024's incredible Wyant College of Optical Sciences staff.

For more information on the program, see the official Staff Recognition Program on our Staff page, under the Human Resources section.