Principal Optomechanical Engineer

Aug. 3, 2022


Boston, MA

Job Posting:

Light10 provides engineering consulting services to medical device companies to facilitate the design and development of automated biomedical imaging, microscopy, and sensing technologies.

We are an early stage growing team of multidisciplinary and specialized Systems Engineers that holistically integrated optical products which trace from early market requirements through V&V of the fully integrated medical devices. The team is a hybrid of internal full time engineers and external engineering consultants that interfaces with and integrates between multiple businesses entities and clients.

Light10 is looking for a new Optomechanical Engineering team member who embodies: enthusiasm, collaboration, proactivity, high emotional intelligence, stellar communication, and systems thinking. You love solving puzzles and have excellent time managements skills. You see beauty in elegant engineering solutions to complex problems and get deep satisfaction to seeing your hard work come to fruition. Quick prototyping to test your ideas is part of your nature and you are quick to leverage SolidWorks, 3D printers, and machining tools.

The position is located in Boston. The primary office is in Arlington, MA. We additionally have space in the Artisan Asylum, which is a large community maker space. We execute a percentage of our work on site with clients in the Greater Boston area. The role would likely be a hybrid of these locations with flexibility to work from home at least 1 day a week.

Specific Technical Qualifications

  • minimum of a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • proven track record tackling difficult optomechanical design challenges which include thermal, stray light, epoxies, vibration, etc.
  • Experience with robust/ruggedized optical system design, curing optics into fixtures with epoxies, burn ins, and addressing mechanical pointing errors.
  • minimum of 5 years of industry experience immersed in optomechanical system design
  • you are an expert SolidWorks user (10+ years of regular use) and are always looking to improve your skills. Experience with PDM and BOM management tools is a plus.
  • With a strong base knowledge of optical physics, you see yourself as the bridge between Optical Engineering and physical reality. You have expertise in communicating optomechanical tolerancing with vendors and designing fixtures for testing your manufacturable designs.
  • experience with mission critical applications such as space, automotive, medical, or aviation is a plus
  • Hands on skills with prototyping robust test fixtures, Mill, Lathe, and CNC
  • Experience with motors, stages, and automated drive mechanisms.
  • Excellent documentation skills. We work on medical devices!
  • Additional skills welcome!

We are always seeking new engineering talent and often create positions opportunistically. The job description can flex for the right candidates and offer competitive pay.

If you feel you have a compelling story and are excited about learning more about the opportunity please submit your cover letter, resume, and a list of references to