Optics Students Produce Video Answering, "What Even is Optics?"

Sept. 7, 2023
Optics Student

It is with great excitement the Wyant College of Optical Sciences shares the release of a newly created Recruitment Video produced by the brilliant minds of current optics students. Undergraduate students, Logan Pawlowski, Sebastian Magri, Dani Balicki, Evan Brorby, and Max Duque worked to create the video from the ground up. Putting together their personal experiences in the Wyant College with their dreams and passion for the future. The video also features a number of additional current and former (alumni) students sharing a bit more about the amazing things they're doing in the field of optics. 

The video is primarily targeted to current or future undergraduate students who don’t know what an optics degree is all about, illustrating how various exciting optics technologies and careers impact our everyday lives.

Watch the video below, and you'll see that optics is much more than simply glasses!

Wyant College of Optical Sciences offers thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in producing this video. 

Video Production Team

  • Evan Brorby - Creative Director: Evan served as the Creative Director, guiding the underlying vision. As the lead cinematographer, he captured all the handheld footage. He spent copious amounts of time compiling and editing the material to produce the final product. Evan was responsible for all of the final decisions regarding the production, guaranteeing the videos success!
  • Logan Pawlowski - Student Guide, Assistant Director, Screenwriter, and Cinematographer: Logan walks the viewer through the building and shares his personal experiences. In addition to his numerous involvements within the College, Logan took on the role of lead actor, assistant director, screenwriter, and cinematographer ensuring the video achieved the team's lofty goals for the production.
  • Sebastian Magri - Executive Producer, Pitched the Idea to Wyant College Leadership: Sebastian solved many logistical challenges including the formation of the team, scheduling, equipment procurement, and guided the entire project from inception to completion.
  • Max Duque -  Assistant Producer & Screenwriter: Max joined the team as an assistant producer and screenwriter. Max made essential revisions to the script that took the video to new heights. Additionally, Max also ensured effective communication with the College. 
  • Dani Balicki - Narrator: Utilizing her video production experience, Dani is the lead narrator to the video. Dani brought the script to life with an enthusiasm and passion like no one else. 

Student and Alumni Contributors

Jillian Nguyen, Ben Cromey, Walter Rahmer, Hailey Watts, Max Duque, Caleb Cook, Stefan Forschner, Evan Brorby, Paige Sawyers, Kristofer Kuiper.