First Use of the MegaPad, Today

Aug. 25, 2022
Primary Mirror Box being lowered into Meinel Basement

Wyant College faculty, staff, and students had an exciting sight this morning when the SmileyCrane arrived to lift and lower the box that will hold a 6.5m primary mirror. This rings in the first use of the MegaPad, built alongside the new Grand Challenges Research Building, a massive concrete and steal-reinforced "table" with pillars that extend forty feet underground to support the massive weight of the crane and mirror being lowered and lifted into or out of the Meinel basement. The mirror will exit the Meinel Building around Sept. 12th so keep an eye out to watch this exciting and very delicate process.

Images: The top image was taken by Dean Tom Koch from the Cherry Avenue Parking Garage. Images below were taken from the viewing areas in the bottom floors of the Meinel Building.

primary mirror box in the meinel basement

Mirror Box being lowered into the Meinel Building Basement

primary mirror in foreground with mirror box in background

Primary mirror shown in foreground with mirror box in background