Milster Lab

Date Published: November 20, 2014

Tom D. Milster's research aims to "push the boundaries of optical science and engineering to produce the maximum amount of information from a given volume of space and time." His group designs, simulates and fabricates custom computer-generated holograms, Diffractive Optical Elements, phase structures and amplitude masks. They investigate hyper-numerical-aperture linear and nonlinear microscopy, where the NA is greater than 1.5 and evanescent waves provide resolution well beyond conventional microscope limits. They are also interested in the development of "freeform" holography, with DOEs adding function and utility to 3-D structures. Unique instruments in the lab include a vacuum-ultraviolet microscope at the 121.6-nanometer wavelength and a high-resolution infrared microscope for determining subcellular metabolism. Research applications include industrial inspection, graphene characterization, metamaterial testing, data storage, lithography, and bio-film and subcellular imaging.

Optics Site Image

Left: Lithography tool. Right: Measurement of micro-optical structure fabricated by Milster lab.