Mary Lou Wolfe Memorial Graduate Student Scholarship in Optical Sciences

Marylou Wolfe

William L. Wolfe Jr. is a professor emeritus of the College of Optical Sciences. He joined the faculty in 1969 after receiving a B.S. in Physics from Bucknell University and advanced degrees in physics and electrical engineering at The University of Michigan. He is a noted author, educator and researcher. His contributions in the field of infrared technology cover the space, military, commercial and medical fields. He has mentored some 50 students to their advanced degrees.  

This scholarship is dedicated to his beloved wife who supported him through 60 years of married bliss and especially some tough ones. She graduated from The University of Michigan magna cum laude with a degree in medical technology.


William L. Wolfe, Jr.

William L. Wolfe, Jr.

The Mary Lou Wolfe Memorial Graduate Student Scholarship is open to a first-year graduate student at the College of Optical Sciences. In addition to displaying academic excellence, applicants should also be U.S. citizens and demonstrate commitment to scholarship, involvement in community service and an intention to study infrared optics or a closely related field. 


Jon Wade

  • Patrick Leslie

  • Joseph Richardson

  • Tyler Peterson
  • Jenna Montague

  • Jacob Barker

  • Katherine Armstrong

  • Thomas Kilmer

  • R. Garrett Richards


  • Patrick Thrasher
  • Austin Wilson

  • Gregory Jacob
  • John van der Laan

  • Abhinav Jha
  • Zachary Newman
  • Tianquan Su