James M. Palmer Endowed Scholarship in Optical Sciences

James Palmer

James M. Palmer, teacher and mentor to a generation of OSC students, was a key figure in the formation of the bachelor's degree program in the late 1980s. Today, the ABET-accredited program is successful and well-established, with more than 200 students enrolled.

Palmer's research in sensor-system calibration significantly advanced the state of the art in that field. His interests reflected a broad base of knowledge and expertise, ranging from self-calibration and quantum-efficient detectors to radiometric properties of the moon to the design of a flawless Venus probe that monitored the atmosphere of that planet to investigate its greenhouse effect.

After Jim's death from chondrosarcoma in 2007, his family, friends, associates and former students contributed generously to a scholarship in his honor.


The Palmer Scholarship is available to third- through fifth-year undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Optical Sciences who are making satisfactory progress toward their degree, and who are are engaged in activities outside of their academic pursuits. Recipients should demonstrate an aptitude for optical engineering and be engaged in research. Preference may be given to students who demonstrate a need for financial assistance.


  • Caleb Cook
  • Bryce Stickley

  • Jason Dylla
  • Alec Mitchell

  • Madeline Bergay
  • Dror Sapir

  • Steven Santaniello

  • Kira Purvin
  • Adriana Stohn

  • Karen Ward

  • Ryan Scott Bronson

  • Andrew Rocha

  • Benjamin Cromey

  • Oybek Kholiqov

  • Austin Wilson

  • Jeffrey Chia

  • Sean Keller

  • Jonathan Nation

  • Katia Shtyrkova

  • Joshua Wiersma

  • Bryce Stickley
  • Kayma Konecny