Graduate Student Cubicles

Wyant College cubicles, located in Meinel 515, Meinel 615 and Meinel 648, are for graduate students who have not yet been allotted space by a research group.

Request a cubicle 

Space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cubicle rules are formulated and applied on an ad hoc basis. Consideration is key: Consider those who are trying to work as you talk on your cell phone; consider those who come after you when you are done microwaving your lunch; and consider the maintenance staff, whose duties are limited to emptying the trashcans once a week. There is no rule against messy desks, as long as your debris does not stink or impede the flow of traffic.

Wireless Internet is available throughout the building, as are a very limited number wired connections. OSC uses the UA wireless network, for which you can register online. You are also welcome to contact the Technology Management Group for help. One electrical outlet is provided at each desk. The use of multiple outlet power strips is discouraged, but fused surge protectors are acceptable.

There is no security in the cubicles; you are responsible for all of your belongings at all times.