Gigapixel and 1440-Perspective Extended-Angle Display by Megapixel MEMS-SLM

Date Published: November 6, 2020

A recent publication from Takashima Lab., “Gigapixel and 1440-perspective extended-angle display by megapixel MEMS-SLM” demonstrates a drastic increase in pixel counts of a display device for AR/VR and lidar application. A novel time multiplexed and pulsed illumination method effectively squeezed giga-pixel (109 pixels) output from a commercially available mega-pixel (106 pixels) display device while routing image into different directions. The increased information and light routing mechanism enables high density image generation with lower power consumption and in a smaller form factor for AR/VR devices.

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 (a), (c) Angle-dependent 3D renders made in Blender; (b), (d) corresponding projections. Humanoid by Michał Hokiroya Korczyk (, and tiger by Daniel Bystedt ( Artwork used with permission.