Arizona Quantum Boot Camp

arizona quantum boot camp


All Day, June 11 to 14, 2024


This tri-university Arizona Quantum Boot Camp will be geared toward undergraduate students curious about quantum science. The event will feature lectures, tutorials and talks providing a basic introduction to quantum mechanics and giving a glimpse of research at the frontiers of the field.

Topics to be covered include: Quantum state, Quantum Superposition, Quantum operators, Wave-particle duality, Double-slit experiment, Qubits, Bloch sphere representation, Quantum Entanglement, Introduction to quantum light, Introduction to Quantum Computing, Introduction to atom-photon interactions

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Lecturers will include:

  • Dr. Christian Arenz, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Ryan Behunin, Northern Arizona University
  • Dr. Kanu Sinha, The University of Arizona

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dr. Alicia Magann
  • Dr. Daniel Soh
  • Dr. Mohamed ElKabbash
  • Dr. Dal Wilson
  • Dr. Kyle Seyler

Sponsored By:

  • UArizona's NSF-ERC Center for Quantum Networks
  • UArizona's Arizona Quantum Initiative
  • ASU Quantum Collaborative