Effects of Ray Position Sampling on the Visual Responses of 3D Light Field Displays

Date Published: May 7, 2019

This study, out of the Hong Hua laboratory, investigates the effects of light ray sampling on the quality of the rendered focus cues and the visual responses of a viewer in light field displays. Accounting for both the specifications of a light field display system and the ocular factors of the human visual system the researchers systematically model and analyze the ray position sampling issue in the reconstruction of the light field. This characterizes the effect on the quality of the rendered retinal image and on the accommodative response in viewing a 3D light field display. Using a recently developed 3D light field display prototype, Hua's lab further validates the effects of ray position sampling on the resolution and accommodative response of a light field display that matches with theoretical characterizations.

Optics Site Image

Schematic illustration and results of ray trace based on setup which has (a) infinitely high pixel resolution and (b) limited pixel resolution of the CDP. Not to scale.