Chuck Hardesty Scholarship in Optical Design

Chuck Hardesty

Chuck Hardesty is grateful to his advisor, Robert Shannon, and the faculty, staff and classmates at the Optical Science Center in the early 1970s. The education and mentorship he received from everyone there prepared him for a successful career in optical design. 

His work included five years at ITEK, four years at SORL, 22 years as a consultant for many diverse companies, and 13 years at Ball Aerospace.  While most of those years were spent in optical design, he also devoted a significant amount of time in optical shops and labs building and testing components and systems. The understanding gained by this hands-on experience helped him create designs, particularly those with aspheres, that could be readily manufactured. He is known for designing many instruments that have been launched into space.   

Chuck received his Master’s degree from the Optical Science Center and enjoyed bending lots of rays over the years when he wasn’t having fun in the mountains or at the oceans.


The Chuck Hardesty Scholarship is open to an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled full-time student with the Wyant College of Optical Sciences and pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree in optics with a demonstrated interest in the field of optical design.  Good academic credentials and financial need will be considered.


Hayden Kim

Mina Yoo

Kira Purvin